Beyond Core Basics

Discover how to help your clients or patients manage Diastasis, pelvic floor issues, abdominal bulging, lower belly pooching or have difficulties connecting with their core.


An educational and instructional DIY course for fitness enthusiasts, trainers, yoga/pilates instructors and therapists.

Programs that teach the basic Dos and Don'ts of ab exercises do not work. It takes a trained eye and an extensive understanding of how the core works and how the whole body connects, moves and functions!  
If you have clients or patients who struggle with Diastasis, pelvic floor issues, abdominal bulging, lower belly pooching or have difficulties connecting with their core, this course will help you troubleshoot the why.  Learn the why and you will produce better outcomes for your clients! 

This seminar puts it all together!

Lots of lightbulbs will be going off!

This course dives deep and covers so much more than the core. Understanding how breathing effects the core system and the rest of the body is huge! It's a major player in shoulder and hip function, back pain, neck pain and so much more!  

My plan is to streamline the process and give you as much information as I can in a short amount of time while saving you A TON of money in the process!

By the end of this seminar you will:

  • Learn assessment tools to help guide your clinical decision making and exercise prescription (example: Infrasternal angle)

  • Understand how breathing and the pelvic floor are critical in healing a Diastasis and connecting with your deep abdominals.

  • Learn how to cue your clients to  coordinate the pelvic floor and breathing and integrate in to full body movements.

  • Build shoulder and hip strength in a way that keeps your core connected.

  • Understand how stress effects movement variability and deep core function and learn strategies to manage it.

  • Learn manual therapy techniques that can be used as an accessory to exercise for better outcomes
  • Learn how to coach breathing an rib cage expansion through exercise to improve movement variability.

  • Be confident that you are moving and coaching people to move in a way that is safe for core and pelvic floor.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Four 75 minute calls 

  • Free Bonus Call "Core Pressure Management"
  • Video Library with Instructional and Exercise Videos
  • Freedom to ask questions and troubleshoot client/patient presentations 
  • Opportunity to feel and practice exercises as you learn 'the why'
  • Downloadable weekly homework assignments to master each weeks content

  • Bonus breakout room session to practice techniques on each other virtually

Each week we will explore a new piece of the puzzle:

  • Week 1
    Pelvic Floor/Breathing

  • Week 2 
    Assessing Deep Abdominals, Shoulders, Hips

  • Week 3 
    Posture, Ergonomics, Stress

  • Week 4 
    Whole Body Strength/Programming

  • Week 5  Small group practice


Here's What People Say:

I heard your initial introduction on the Female Fitness Alliance.  I was intrigued and started following you on IG.  I believe it was there that I saw your offer for this class.  I had given up on trying to close my diastasis years ago, but I thought maybe now would be a good time to do something for myself and make another attempt.  I liked what you had to say and I liked that you were a physical therapist. 
There were so many takeaways and ah-ha moments, it's hard to pick just a few. But I think I’d have to say realizing the importance of the pelvic floor and that I have NO lower ab muscles. I learned that I need to change the way I exercise!  
I have been re-watching the videos and practicing your exercises. It’s not easy! But I do finally feel empowered and hopeful that I can close my Diastasis. I also feel inspired and excited to work with my own clients.
If you are on the fence about taking this course, my advise would be to do it NOW.  Don’t hesitate. It is SO worth it- you will thank me.
Jill is a rockstar!  I have never heard things presented/explained so thoroughly and clearly.  You will not only learn what to do and how to do it but you will understand why. And that is the value of a great teacher.

-Meredith Seidler

I signed up for the class because I had been following you for a while on insta/facebook and was interested in the things you were doing with your rehab/training programs. I train postpartum women and have other certifications in this subject area, but I think its important to gather as much information as you can and see what works for the individual in front of you.

Thanks for a great seminar. I’m looking forward to whats to come in the mentorship. My current physical therapist had loaded me up on abduction and your seminar could not have been more timely because it clicked for me. I cut MOST of it out and did glute med release work and added the hamstring bridge with yoga block squeeze. I love your take on lunges/split squats with a little bit of hip internal rotation. I definitely feel more glute engagement. I have been trying a lot of different things and that just seemed to be the answer to my hip impingement along with some other adjustments. It has been feeling so great for 3 weeks now!

I am armed with even more information for myself and my clients then when I started (and I have taken two well known postpartum certifications). I love feeling like I can bring really new content to the table for my clients and fellow trainers.

If you are on the fence about this seminar, just do it! Even if you have taken other postpartum courses, I can assure you you will learn something new!

-Elizabeth Williams

I took this seminar because I feel that this is one of the more interesting topics in training. Most practitioners have no awareness of the importance of breathing. I saw that Coach Rich Thaw recommended the course and since I enjoy his content I decided to join. I also have problems with Diastasis, so I want to help myself as well:)

The biggest take aways for me were differences in the infrasternal angle and how to adjust your training strategies based on it.

After taking the course I  was able to better activate my abdominal muscles and work on my weak points.  In the future, I hope to be able to pass all this on to my clients and other practitioners.

I would recommend anyone involved in some form of exercise to join the course, because they get a lot of useful information.


I am a personal trainer and unfortunately I am on furlough right now. I am currently working with only a few of my regular clients remotely. I heard Jill being interviewed on The Liveng Proof podcast and was captivated by the way she explained these concepts to Engrid Latina. 

The way Jill explains diastasis and how to address it is easy for anyone to understand. The posture and alignment concepts are relevant to all bodies and can be used by everybody.

What I’ve learned through this seminar is that it isn't about the exercises. It's about observing, connecting in with your body, and the execution of all movement and activities. The connection between head position and abdominal muscles was very eye opening.

I am looking forward to when I can get back into the club. Taking your course has helped me keep training front of mind during this downtime.

-Pam Finney

I am a Physical Therapist but I primarily took this class for personal reasons. I carried twins 38 weeks and they were both 6 plus pounds so needless to say I have Diastasis Recti. The twins are almost 5 and despite my best efforts over the last 5 years, my stomach is still not where I want it. So clearly I was missing something.

Learning why DR is so hard to heal was really was ah-hah for me. I've been doing way too much over the last 5 years; too much as in too advanced/heavy exercises for having DR. I like to lift heavy weights and run and although I eased back into weight lifting and distance running it's clear my body wasn't ready or I kept back tracking with any progress I had made. (I have no pain or obvious functional limitations; mine is pretty much just cosmetic and my stomach not looking like I want it too; the rest of my body says "that lady works out" but my stomach says otherwise.)

Since taking the seminar I am now connecting and integrating; incorporating breathing; and also scaling back on my exercises but still getting a good workout in which I think has been my biggest issue sticking with DR appropriate exercises. I want to sweat, I want to burn calories and maximize the little time I have to workout. 

I feel confident I can incorporate the core canister and breathing into my practice but also to all exercises I'm doing personally. I definitely want to dig deeper into the Core Canister, Ribs over Pelvis aka PRI information!

If you are unsure whether or not to take this seminar, Just Do It!

-Jillian Mahan

I signed up for the class because I knew it would be relevant for my body and what I have been experiencing with breathing and core strength.  I knew I would learn a lot and it was a way to help me stay focused on my body and health during quarantine, too.

My biggest Ah-hah moment was the link between pelvic floor strength, core strength, and jaw pain -- when I started trying to breathe intentionally and thoughtfully and engage my pelvic floor and core according to how Jill taught us, I noticed that my chronic jaw pain decreased.  That was quite the unexpected and happy shock :)

I just feel like a light has been turned on in my brain, honestly -- feels like so many pieces just click together and make sense now.  I'm starting to notice subtle habits I have and start to correct them.  Example - my hip had been hurting, and since the hips class, I realized that I have a habit of clenching my tush pretty intensely and standing with my weight more on one side than the other -- gosh, I wonder why my hip hurts!?

This seminar is expansive! You will learn more in even just 1 week of the Diastasis Seminar from Jill than you could possibly figure out on your own!  And, it will be clearly and thoughtfully explained in a way you can actually apply in your own body and life, and immediately see the impact.

-Virginia Quandt

This seminar appealed to me because I really wanted to learn more about how to heal DR effectively and using more than just a Kegel continuum and exercise programme.

I had a lot of Ah-ha moments! Including the serratus anterior into movements was one, plus hamstring work as well as glute and adductor….loved these ones!

Since starting the seminar I have already adjusted how I am training. Breathing better through movement, spending more time on the accessory work rather than the compound lifts and adding in adjustments when I am lifting to my set up position or with adding bands in. It makes such a difference.

If you are unsure if this course is for you, Just do it! You will not regret spending the time learning more than the ‘basics’ on how to effectively heal a DR but also on how to strengthen the core, glutes, legs for all other sporting activities.


It's been just over three years since I wandered into Perfectly Fit, a small studio, staff of three. I came with a background in "traditional" training and movement. I had been in the business a long time, new all about FMS, movement patterns, creating a "balanced" workout, etc. There was so much I didn't know. How my body really moved. how my rib flare (aka athletic stance) exacerbated my scoliosis issues. How my breathing system was so disrupted, I had little core connection. How my hip flexors were such dominant partners, I couldn't dissociate my ribs from my hips, how my T-spine didn't rotate... you get the idea. I am so grateful to Jill for her help in guiding me, opening my eyes to new and different, and allowing my body to move better and connect. I wish we had a before and after!


Yes, I'm In: 2 Monthly Payments of $97


Owner, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer

Jill is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in helping people feel, function and look amazing everyday. Straying from traditional healthcare, she designed Perfectly Fit to bridge the gap between Medicine and fitness. She completely dedicates herself to her clients, tackling hard to fix problems and finding long term solutions to pain.

Jill sees both men and women young and old with a wide variety of health concerns. Utilizing a movement based approach she unravels the layers of poor posture, dysfunctional breathing patterns, stress, and body mechanics to discover the underlying cause of aches and pains. Her goal is to not only fix whatever problem you have today but break bad habits that can lead to issues years from now.

Fully committed to being a healthy inspiration for her daughter, Jill and her husband take advantage of any opportunity to be active. Inspired by the outdoors and sunshine they enjoy beach walks, boating adventures, wake boarding, golfing, hiking, camping and traveling.