Treat Yo'Self.

Exactly as it sounds. 

Treat Yo-Self is a self guided online exercise course designed to give you the basic tools needed to re-align your body and move better! It's a sneak peak into what it is like to work with me 1:1 at a fraction of the price tag! Watch the video on the right and scroll down to see more of what Treat Yo'Self has to offer!


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Educated and Authentic Instructor

And did I mention, fun?!  Despite having a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy, my content is always relate-able and approachable. I want you to feel super confident in yourself and your ability to heal and change your body and how it feels! 

Detailed Explanations

Tired of following an exercise program and having no idea if you are doing it right? It's frustrating. Treat Yo'Self takes the time to teach the "why" and "how" because the more you understand and connect with your body, the better your outcome!

Deep Core Connection

It all starts with the core. Treat Yo'Self sets up the foundation with breath work, pelvic floor awareness and deep core connection. 




Full Body Exercises

My top "everybody gets these" exercises explained! If you have ever wondered "is my form right?", Treat Yo'Self breaks down technique and form so you get the most out of your exercises!


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What you will get:

  • 70 videos of pure DIY exercise gold!
  • Full and detailed explanations of proper form, positioning and breathing to get the most out of your workouts! 
  • An inside look at my assessment process and how I select the best exercises for your body
  • My approach to executing the most commonly prescribed exercises in the industry in a way that feels better on your body! 
  • My "go-to's". Top foundational exercises that I share with all my 1:1 clients who walk in the door!
  • An opportunity to learn a ton about your body at a fraction of the cost of a custom 1:1 session. 
  • The basics to moving better. Breathing. Pelvic Floor. Alignment. Core Stability. Mobility. Control. Awareness. 

Jill, PIlates Instructor

I didn't know the price of Treat Yo'Self, and was going to buy it regardless but seriously you put in so much effort for that price. Just know you are helping SO many access this essential info! Thanks again! 

Tommaso, Personal Coach

I want to thank you for the help your course is giving me! It is always much more useful to me, video after video, word after word because it allows me to connect the dots in a way that is simple to understand! Thank you so much!

Marie, Pilates Instructor

Just finished the breathing stuff in the “Fundamentals” in your course and it was absolutely class. Love your explanations, your visuals are unreal. I’m such a visual person myself. Using them a lot in classes. I’m going to steal some of your visuals during classes as well. Love the way you explained everything, just made so much sense. I’m buzzing to keep going. Thanks so much. Loving it.