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1:1 Online or In Person

These sessions are designed to quickly get to the root cause and are perfect for anyone who has been searching wide and far for a solution to their pain or breathing dysfunction. 

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Treat Yo'Self!

Exactly as it sounds! Treat Yo'Self is a DIY at home exercise program designed to give you the basic tools needed to re-align your body and move better!  It's an inside look at my eval process and my top go-to exercises so you can treat yo-self! 


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Core and Diastasis Fix 

(Home Study)

A DIY learning experience for Moms who want to dig deeper, know the why and solve their core and Diastasis issues once and for all. This course covers every angle, every possibility to find your missing link to healing your Diastasis. 

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Monthly Case Studies

Fine tune your online training and coaching skills by collaborating with peers from various educational backgrounds and skill sets. 

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Beyond Core Basics

Discover how to help your clients or patients manage Diastasis, Pelvic Floor issues, abdominal bulging, lower belly pooching or difficulties connecting with their core.  


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The Movement Space Podcast

A FREE podcast featuring Jill and Katie + live guests + live movement content + lots of fun!

Video and Audio formats available!

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