PCES Study Group

Accountability. Connection. Practice. Confidence.

You've decided you're all in for taking the Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Course (PCES). Congrats! You have made one of the best decisions of your career! 

Instead of working through the material on your own, be part of my study group! Trust me! You will want the accountability, you will want the group practice, you will want someone to bounce ideas off of and ask questions! 

It's completely free when you sign up for the PCES course using my link. But I need a way to send it to you! Send me an email so I know you are interested!   

Email Me to get on the list!

Need help completing the PCES Course?

If you have already purchased the course from prior launches, but are having trouble completing the material... you aren't alone!

This course is massive and it takes some serious time and momentum to work through it. The feedback from past study group members was that joining the study group was the only way they were able to complete the course material (which needs to be done within 2 years of purchasing!)

So please join us! Your sign up link is below. First Meeting is on October 7th! 



Study Group Sign Up for Prior PCES Purchasers!

What you will experience:


Accountability. This course is massive! I will provide an outline to keep you on track with the material! 

  • 10 Zoom calls spread out over the 3 months required to complete the course on schedule!

  • Interaction and collaboration with other professionals taking the course at the same time. 
  • Real time observation and practice on Zoom calls. Put what you are learning on paper into practice! 
  • Case Studies walking through specific case scenarios, assessment, treatment, etc.
  • Creative thinking and brainstorming as a team. 
  • Sharpen your virtual training skills. Learn to observe and analyze movement without being in the same room or putting your hands on your client. 
  • Confidence to execute the material in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Freedom to ask questions about the course. 
  • Networking. Build a network of like minded professionals that you can learn from and trust.  
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