Hi! I'm Jill! 

I love solving puzzles!

If you have an ongoing issue with your body that has remained unresolved despite your best efforts, I'm here to figure out why! My 1:1 online movement consultations are designed to save you time and money and get to the root of whatever your body is experiencing as quickly as possible while offering a deep understanding of what your body needs moving forward.

Read below for a breakdown of what a 1:1 session with me looks like! 



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What to expect from a 1:1 Online session:

  • Thorough overview of history, goals for session, and big picture goals
  • Quick, critical assessment and problem solving to get to the root of your issue as fast as possible
  • Going where no-one has gone before. Why repeat what has/hasn't worked? My sessions search to find the missing key and begin to unlock it. 
  • Full customized assessment based on your unique story and goals
  • General advice and tips to break through patterns and behaviors that may not be serving you. 
  • Homework exercises to perform independently. 
  • An opportunity to learn a ton about your body at a fraction of the cost of a custom 1:1 session. 
  • Guidance and a plan on what to do next! 

Jeremy, Singer/Actor

"I gotta say, it's kind of amazing how you can see what's going on through the camera. I don't know how you do it!"

Annalise, Trainer and Movement Coach

"Over the past two years I’ve spent over £1500 on physio and I can’t even start to count the hours I’ve spent doing hydro to try and fix the problem but that single hour with you feels like the moment I’ve been hoping for. It’s been a burden and really been dragging me down and I feel lighter and empowered. I can’t thank you enough."

Eileen, Physical Therapist

"Thank you for meeting with me, it was really helpful and empowering in so many ways! Aside from helping me as a client, it really helped me see how you run a session compared with other PTs. Everyone has their own style and structure."