Monthly Case Study 

We all have something to learn from each other.

Our strength is in numbers. So I have decided to host a monthly case study where we can all come together to think through our thoughts, practice our virtual observation and assessment skills, and lift each other up. Let's absorb everything we can through our unique blend of backgrounds and experiences.  


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What you will experience:

  • One hour case study per month

  • A multidisciplinary learning experience. Use multiple lenses to understand and synthesize various movement presentations
  • Opportunity to collaborate with and learn from professionals of various educational backgrounds and skill sets
  • Sharpen your virtual training skills. Learn to observe and analyze movement without being in the same room or putting your hands on your client. 
  • Gain confidence to contribute what's on your mind, learn how others see and think about movement in front of them, brainstorm exercise and treatment options and feel free to ask questions.
  • Group support. Build a network of like minded professionals that you can learn from and trust.  
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