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This online course is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or injury. It is for educational purposes only. If you chose to try any of the exercises discussed, presented or demonstrated here you do so at your own risk. Please consult your physician before you start any new exercise program. Not every exercise is safe for every person. Correct execution of all exercises is imperative to prevent injury. Please consult your healthcare professional if you have questions about exercise execution or if an exercise is right for you. You are responsible for yourself and will not hold Jill Zimmerman or Perfectly Fit Wellness liable for any illness or injury

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Beyond Core Basics (Home Study)

Beyond the Core

A next level seminar for fitness professionals and therapists!

What you'll get: 

  • Four 75 minute Lectures 

  • Bonus Lecture "Core Pressure Management"
  • Video Library with instructional and exercise videos
  • Weekly homework assignments to master each weeks content

  • 2 Case Studies to put it all together!

Each week we will explore a new piece of the puzzle:

  • Week 1- Pelvic Floor/Breathing
  • Week 2-  Assessing Deep Abdominals, Shoulders, Hips
  • Week 3 - Posture/Ergonomics/Stress Management
  • Week 4 - Whole Body Strength /Home Programming
  • Bonus Week 5 - Case Studies!

By the end of this Seminar you will:

  • Learn assessment tools to help guide your clinical decision making and exercise prescription (example: Infrasternal angle)

  • Understand how breathing and the pelvic floor are critical in healing a Diastasis and connecting with your deep abdominals.

  • Learn how to cue your clients to  coordinate the pelvic floor and breathing and integrate in to full body movements.

  • Build shoulder and hip strength in a way that keeps your core connected.

  • Understand how stress effects movement variability and deep core function and learn strategies to manage it.

  • Learn manual therapy techniques that can be used as an accessory to exercise for better outcomes
  • Learn how to coach breathing and rib cage expansion through exercise to improve movement variability.

  • Be confident that you are moving and coaching people to move in a way that is safe for core and pelvic floor.


What People Are Saying:

I just want to express my gratitude and praise for you again! You and I spoke on the phone in November 2020, and I was very anxious and very concerned about my abilities and lack of experience as a new grad PT (graduated in Aug 2020). I don’t know why it took me so long to complete your BCB course, but I am almost finished with it now, and looking forward to starting your Treat Yo Self program immediately afterwards. I wanted to follow up and let you know that I am starting a new job on June 15, at a small clinic owned by a women POC, who is all about treating clients holistically (look at the whole person, not just the painful body part). The job will be split 50/50 between Pelvic and Ortho. This will be my first “real” job as an outpatient PT, and i feel confident in my ability to help clients, mainly bc of your BCB course! The way you put everything together and look at the whole body/person and how the breath coordinates with everything is 100% the information I’ve been looking for since Day One in PT school. This has been the missing link for me, that has helped SO MUCH in integrating all the information I learned in PT school Thank you so very much for everything you share. I’m so grateful I found you on Instagram. I hope that you are healthy, happy and successful in everything you do, and I look forward to anything you continue to share online! I would not feel confident about this new job without you.

Eileen G, DPT/Yoga

Jill has a no nonsense approach to teaching. Her process preceding movement has been etched in to my brain. Since taking Beyond Core Basics I’m noticing a reduction in corrective cues with my clients during movement. She taught me how setting someone up for success prior results in much smoother movement. This has been such a huge change for me. Correcting any client while they are trying to focus on movement is disruptive, so avoiding that has been a treat as they establish a better flow. Movement is a very complex symphony and Jill is the Maestro.

Ryan B

Thank you for offering BCB! I’m a personal trainer in Austin TX and a mom of 3 boys. I signed up for your course because of your simplicity in presentation on your content. You nail it! I’ve been overwhelmed with all the different perspectives of breathing and strength training that are out there. Your visuals and explanations finally pulled it all together for me. I can say I’ve had much improvement in strength and connection for myself after my 10lb baby. I’ve tried teaching my clients breathing techniques before that just didn’t stick, but now with a new understanding and better cues, they are finally “getting it!” Thanks for being real, transparent, and no-ego. I’ll for sure be involved in the upcoming case studies.

Cassie M

Thank you so much again for the course and all of your help!!! I have learned so much for you and this course!!! I took all of your slides and had them professionally printed so that I can put them in a separate binder for future reference. What I have learned from you and your course is invaluable. I signed up for your Beyond Core Basics class because I took the free call and was hooked. I could not believe how you were the first Doctor and Fitness Professional to hit home with some of the issues I have been facing. I had been to many different doctors ranging from Gastro to Chiro to PT to Orthopedic and no one was connecting all the dots. To me, the information I was gaining was going to SIGNIFICANTLY have a positive affect on my everyday life. My biggest takeaway was the intra-sternal angle and how your breath sound can change how you connect to your deeper lower core muscles. I was doing the SSHHH or HISSS sound and was not making any progress. Most fitness professionals push and stress this breathing but it is not one size fits all. Since then changing to the "HHAAAH" sound has been a GAME CHANGER FOR ME!!! Making the connection as a "NARROW" has helped me with my lower core connection, improved my posture and helped with my lower back issues. Since your class, I have been practicing many of your exercises, your breathing techniques and adding them into my daily routine to make further improvements for my fitness and health goals. If there is someone on the fence about taking this course, well they will surely miss out if they don't click YES. I actually spoke to my coaching mentor in Washington state and told her about you and the course and she was very intrigued. Having a strong female professional, who truly knows her stuff, is down to earth and is willing to share her knowledge to educate and guide fellow fitness professionals to better help their clients is a rare thing. So thank you!!! This class left me with so many GAME CHANGING GEMS.

Elyse Klein, ACE CPT